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It was built just for you to drive it and to enjoy it.  Still, public displays are unavoidable and it feels great!  Porsche didn't change much over their sixty years of engine designs, but no matter which model you drive you need to punch it occasionally.  US roadway limitations can be taxing on a Porsche designed for limitless speed on the Autobahn.  Created to simply GO every now and then, you should definitely see to it that it gets to G-O.  Finding a replacement engine for your Porsche is easy, but any Remanufactured Porsche Engine should definitely include:

The effect of any remanufacturing and tooling

Authentication of vehicle history
Authentication of sources
Thorough inspection visually and digitally

Porsche is not your average engine and should be treated as such.  You should never endure an engine swap with someone only interested in dollar signs.  This is crucial.  Decades of experience on our part affords you the best available care for the right rebuilt Porsche engine.  We have our own team for proper retooling.  Because of this the prices are excellent.  We have tens of thousands of units ready to ship out FREE to US and Canada.  Call with your Porsche VIN, the freight-to address and get free quotes.  We are highly personable, decidedly knowledgeable and extremely polite and never too busy to talk about your Porsche.  We live and breathe automobiles.


Of course you detail your own car, house it in perfect conditions, but that engine needs way more than a seventy-five mile-per-hour, thirty minute drive on a common US interstate.  It needs much more on occasion.  If you think an occasional sprint above the speed limit is Porche-worthy, think again.  Its engine was built for the Autobahn and its body designed long before 'aerodyamic' was common to the English tongue.  You should occasionally be putting these to to the test.  You might not have access to the Autobahn, but should make personal arrangements to drop into its seat, shift the gear and floor it.  Porsche engines prior to 2008 modifications, requires this occasional lead foot.  Without, problems arise.  We absolutely adore this vehicle.  Most our clients are happy law abiding citizens and don't take advantage of this lioness of an engine.  We are honored to see you through the engine selection process and installation if you prefer.  We're never too busy to answer any question you may have.

Warranties for up to 90 days may be available on this engine.  You'll need to call or email us.  Warranty availability depends on the model year you own and the condition of the used engine for which you want to use.  Speak with one of our automotive techs for more information and don't forget your VIN. 
You may actually be near the Autobahn.  We can still help.  You might be a D-I-Y enthusiast working about the restoration of a Porsche.  We can definitely help you save money.  You may have gotten too heavy-handed with your Porsche and the engine gurgles in response.  To you we say, We hope you're enjoying your Porsche.  We can help you arrange for a straight used Porsche engine swap as soon as possible.  Shipping is usually in about a week and FREE to US and Canada.

Business with our Porsche owners is predicated upon word of mouth.  It is probable that your arrival to our website is likely to be from someone referring you.  We don't advertise heavily, because we don't need to.  We are the number one provider of used engines and transmissions for Porsche drivers.  Give us a call or email and show you why.  How can we help you redefine your Porsche today?