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Used Engine Ready your battle gear. You are not just searching for a quality used transmission; you are fighting a horde of internet businesses vying for your attention to get at your wallet. Trillions of automotive parts revolving around the globe make for easy cheesy after-market parts sell-off at your expense. Put down the battle gear. Rely on our services knowing that authentic quality remanufactured transmissions exist amongst our wares, and one is the right fit for your vehicle.


We will not hold it for ransom. If you need a rebuilt transmission with custom specifications to fit your own modular design, we can manage without bloating the price tag. Welcome to where assurances and integrity come right along with authentic used transmissions at great prices. It is no wonder we are the primary provider for individual automotive enthusiasts wiser than greedy businesses.


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• We have the widest selection of warranties

• We provide the most genuine customer care

• Freight cost for delivery is on us

• We always provide 100% money-back guarantee


If your local yard does not have the right transmission, we can provide the same or better and attach our family’s personal guarantee while we pay for delivery. The local pick and pull is not capable of producing high quality rebuilt transmissions with a warranty matching your specifications and price, but we can if you let us help.


Greater than twenty-five years has seen our family-owned business perform its role as the consumer’s advocate:

• In a market ripe with greed,

• less-than-noteworthy auto parts and

• high overheads that

• bring you bloated costs.


First, these alleged parts distributors design a business plan designed to fail while renting huge buildings. Then, they fill those buildings with expensive sales personnel handling incoming calls, designing flashy websites, typing emails and online chat. It is a manipulation to capture your focus. The marketing scheme is huge and expensive. It all seems legitimate until one understands they are relying solely on digital platforms for content and paying for those expenses. Mishap is destined.


Furthermore, they give the employees quotas to cover the massive overhead they create regardless of the consequence. They make it standard to re-ship if the customers claim the wrong part. They have no one reliable to verify those crates; much less the authenticity of alleged mileage logged by a ghostly entity. For them, reshipping crates means movement. That is good enough for most descriptions of “sale of goods”.


Seriously? We call it illegitimate business. Finally, they get it right occasionally, but with no genuine concern for you except how well your bank account negates in their favor. In the end, the business goes under, and they plan for that, too, pitting the percentages in their favor. Imagine this: These businesses claim to provide warranties!


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Stop the nightmare, we maintain:

• a lean distributor lines

• relationships welded with integrity from

• twenty-five years of business experience

• bringing you the lowest rates in the industry.


By relying upon these trustworthy distributors, we maintain happy clients. Happy clients mean better business while shipping correct parts and we get to stick around advocating for you. We use technology as a tool rather than using it to alienate the most important part of the business transaction: you. We have received and rerouted many remanufactured transmissions to shops close by in Florida and far away to locations in the United Arab Emirates. Imagine getting the wrong part while you are in the U.A.E. Every scenario has its own exact standards. We perform responsibly by managing well and accepting responsibility.


Call us today and feel:

• in control of the conversation.

• freedom to ask many questions

• no pressure or time limits.


Whether sitting alongside I-35 in Oklahoma in your semi with a load ready to drop in Texas or your Jeep stranded in Oslo needs a power train to handle the slopes, can freight that crated drop-in responsibly, timely and at jaw-dropping rates. Remember, shipping is on our part.


Expect to find only decent people and real experts on the other end of your phone provisioning only the highest quality transmissions. Imagine that. That is how we roll.


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