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When it comes to buying a car then there are several factors that any smart buyer considers especially the specifications of its engine. But what if we can provide you same specification and efficiency in used Isuzu engines ? At Auto Used Engines we provide all kind of used engines that are known for giving the same high performance as the new one. So, why spend thousands of dollars on new car or new engine if you have an option to transform your existing car into a new one by using our used engines.

We understand that it is quite difficult to trust any automobile company in terms of used engines and other auto parts. But if you are truly looking for quality then we can assure you that you will get the best in every perspective whether it is on performance of the engine or its transmission.

History of Isuzu

As you know that Isuzu is a Japanese automobile manufacturing company that is known for commercial vehicle, car and heavy truck production. The headquarters of this giant automobile company is located in Tokyo. Isuzu till date has produced more than twenty million diesel engines that are found all over the world.

In year 1974 Isuzu’s engines for the first time were launched in market of United States when General Motors took the 34% stakes of Isuzu. But later this brand has come up with its own line of commercial vehicle that was introduced in the market in year 1981.

Currently automobile eminent like General Motors, Honda, Mazda and Toyota etc are known for carrying Isuzu engines in their vehicles. So if you would like to re-install this high performance oriented Used Isuzu Engines on your car then visit Auto Used Engine today as we will provide you following choices in Isuzu.

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What We Can Offer

Isuzu engines are basically known for creating the magnificent Diesel engines under that you will find the categories from two cylinders to Eight Cylinders. So here is one short list of Isuzu that you will easily find in our inventory:
1. Two Cylinder (Diesel)
2. Three Cylinder (Diesel)
3. Four Cylinder (Gasoline and Diesel both)
In four Cylinder Isuzu engines we offer Isuzu G Engine, Isuzu Z Engine, and Isuzu X Engine in Gasoline and Isuzu C Engine, Isuzu DL Engine, Isuzu B Engine, Isuzu F Engine, Isuzu G Engine and Isuzu H Engine.
Even you can also buy Isuzu V Engine that is available in appreciable condition and known for giving high performance but only if you buy from our store. So, go ahead and order your remanufactured Isuzu engine today.

Warranty and Service Policy

We offer complete 3 years warranty on all Remanufactured Isuzu Engines provided that as our customer you will follow all our policy guidelines. However there are a few points that you should take care as they can make your warranty void:
1. Any kind of misuse or accidental claim cannot be entertained at our store.
2. Our entire used Isuzu engines for sale are quality checked and certified in quality parameters so any kind of misrepresentation can nullify your warranty period.
v 3. The external parts that are attached to your vehicle like fog light, wires and switches etc are not covered under our warranty.
So what you are waiting for call us today and take a price quote on our used Isuzu engine for sale.

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